What If Everything You Thought You Knew About Eating, Your Health, Your Weight, and Your Emotions Were Wrong?

Do You Dream of:

  • Living a more balanced life by banishing the emotional ups and downs of high blood sugar?
  • Having more energy and stamina
  • Eliminating Hunger
  • Keeping, or regaining your attractive, trim figure
  • Feeling healthier, enjoying  life more, and
  • Eating delicious, satisfying meals without experiencing Blood Sugar spikes?

Low Glycemic Foods Can Help You Achieve These Goals

You can achieve those goals. All you have to do is change the way you eat. It’s easier than you think and it is vital you do so. The foods you eat have direct effects on your health. Our energy levels, our sense of well-being, and even our skin all react to what we eat. The normal American diet sends our blood sugars soaring. Normalized blood sugar levels will help you get off of the emotional roller coaster caused by high blood sugars. As a side benefit, low glycemic recipes can help you  lose excess weight, have more energy and stamina, enjoy a clearer complexion, and, if you are diabetic or pre-diabetic help prevent complications and live a longer, more productive life.

If the word, glycemic sounds new and strange to you, don’t worry. The word glycemic originates from the word glucose. Low glycemic mean low glucose or low sugar.

The glycemic index is a fairly simple concept. Think of your body as an engine; carbohydrates are the fuel. You can think of carbohydrates as the chunks of wood that keep a fire burning, a little like the fire that keeps a steam engine going. In order to run your engine — that is, your body, efficiently you want to use wood that burns very slowly so it will last a long time.

Low glycemic foods are like slow-burning wood. As your body uses low glycemic foods, they release glucose very slowly. With low glycemic foods, your body gets glucose at a nice, slow rate and runs smoothly. On the other hand, high glycemic foods are like pouring gasoline on a fire. The fire burns very hot, but dies down quickly. High glycemic foods release glucose quickly and cause dangerous surges called spikes in your blood sugar levels.

If you adopt the low glycemic lifestyle, you will eliminate the emotional ups and downs caused by fluctuating blood sugars and you will enjoy increased energy and stamina, and even find out that you are thinking better, making better decisions.

Greetings, I am Maury M. Breecher, PhD, MPH, the creator of this website.

I have had Type 2 diabetes since 1995. There are 23.6 million other people with Type 2 Diabetes and that is only ONE of the chronic conditions we address through nutrition at lowglycemicrecipes.net. I also have also struggled most of my life to maintain a healthy weight and had to deal with Depression, fatigue, and high-sugar-caused muddled thinking.

Then, I discovered a method to better cope with those problems. As a medical writer, I had the opportunity to discover the science behind the glycemic index, and I learned to understand how blood sugar surges affected my emotions, my diabetic problems, and my excess weight.

But just understanding the facts didn’t make it easy to eat the way I should.

I needed:

  • a plan
  • Information
  • healthy recipes that I could learn to easily fix, and that I would ENJOY eating!

And, most importantly,

I needed a community of support!

Does my story sound like yours?  Have you:

  • been suffering emotional mood swings?
  • had problems with your complexion, breakouts of pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads?
  • been so tired and fatigued it was all you could do to drag yourself out of bed?
  • gained excess weight, been on one too many Yo-Yo diets and still remain too heavy?
Our Authentic Low Glycemic Recipes Can Help You

Through this website, I would like to offer you a new way of eating, and maybe even to a new life, a lifestyle focused on healthy eating with low glycemic foods. To improve your life in those ways, consider upgrading your free lowglycemicrecipes.net membership to our Platinum level. For only $9.95 per month, you will gain total access to over 200 authentic low glycemic recipes, low glycemic cooking videos, useful nutrition information, and breaking news on the low glycemic lifestyle. You will also receive by email weekly blood sugar control tips and have access to short articles and even interactive test-yourself quizzes designed to motivate and inspire you to continue low glycemic eating. Our authentic low glycemic recipes by themselves are worth the small membership fee because you won’t find recipes, such as these, anywhere else.

Why do I say we have authentic low glycemic recipes?

I say that because 90% of the so-called free low glycemic recipes on the internet and even in books on the subject are junk! They are not true low glycemic recipes because they ignore an important criteria needed to be low glycemic. We explain more about what makes a recipe really a low glycemic one elsewhere on this site and in my free report, What They Don’t Want You to Know About Low Glycemic Recipes. The important thing to understand now is that those false low glycemic recipes can cause your blood sugars to soar! And, when you experience blood glucose ups and downs, your emotions get frazzled, your mental clarity and strength ebbs, and you make poor decisions. That’s why you need my authentic low glycemic recipes.

Here again are the benefits you gain by living a low glycemic lifestyle. You will:

  • Become Slimmer, Trimmer, and Healthier
  • Gain better control of your blood sugar levels thus
  • Achieve better control of your emotions
  • Improve mental clarity, and
  • Enjoy more energy.

If you have read my free report, What They Don’t Want You to Know About Low Glycemic Recipes, you know why I was driven to consult top nutritional authorities and experts and to find people who were already living the low glycemic lifestyle.  I had to convince them to share their recipes and I had to train a group of talented recipe creators to prepare new recipes that are truly low glycemic.

I wanted to help you adopt a healthier eating style. While helping you, I was helping myself. As a result, I lost 40 excess pounds.

We need your help to continue this quest.  We want to build a community of like minded people. That’s why we (will soon) install a free community forum for individuals just like you. We will be able to support each other, share low glycemic recipes and stories about our personal successes.

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