How would you like to see an entertaining chef prepare “Eggs Florentine Scramble,” one of our great, free low glycemic breakfasts?

You can access more free recipes by clicking on the Recipes link above. If you want to view this specific low glycemic recipe, click HERE.

You may also enjoy the  video, “Say Yes, to the Right Carbs,” in which our friend Dave Saunders explains some of the benefits of the low glycemic, low carb lifestyle.   He is very articulate on the subject and well worth listening to.

Choose The Right Carbs Not “No Carbs”.

By the way, while you are on our site, you might like to check out the blog entries  “Dr. Breecher’s Notes” and “Medical Studies.” (You can find these links in the left hand column.)

Thank you for your interest in low glycemic recipes.

Health and happiness,

Dr. Maury Breecher, Author & Diabetes Coach
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