Low GI meals are good for the whole family

The recipes provided here are low-cost, easy-to-prepare, and easy to incorporate you’re your busy lifestyle. Young or old, family members will find these recipes tasty and satisfying.  They are nutritionally balanced and bursting with nutrients and the energy of life itself.

This program features low-GI/GL foods which, if followed most of the time, will help you keep your blood glucose levels well controlled, help prevent acne, and also help you lose weight. The menus in the Low-GlycemicRecipes.net program contain foods that are generally portion controlled — low-or moderate-calorie foods which consequently are superb in promoting healthy weight-control. If you are overweight you may shed a few pounds, however this is not a diet; it is a low glycemic lifestyle program easily incorporated into a delightful and rewarding way of living.

If you stick to these daily menus you’ll find your need for high-sugar, high-fat snacks will be eliminated. Your cravings will diminish. That’s why it is recommended that you subscribe, as soon as it becomes available, to this weekly recipe service.

Access to our 160+ tasty low glycemic recipes will reinforce your determination to live a more healthful life and help you prevent taste fatigue. Once you access our premium site, you will be able to mix and match and substitute foods to plan your own menus.

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Posted by on September 9th, 2008