How to enjoy a sweet taste without the “sugar highs” that play havoc with your blood glucose levels

Even “sugar-free” products contain carbohydrates that can raise blood sugar rapidly. The effect on one’s blood glucose levels depends on the amount of carbohydrate eaten and the GI of the carbohydrate portion of the food. Foods that usually have a high GI (a GI above 70) include ‘instant” white rice, and bread, cookies, cakes, or other pastries made of white or even whole-wheat flour.

Medium GI foods (GI ranks of 56-59) include pita bread, boiled potatoes, couscous, ice cream (yes, ice cream), basmati rice, and high-fibre muffins.

Foods with a low GI (55 and below) are legumes of all types including peas, beans, and lentils and whole fruits (except for dates and watermelon), bran and oat cereals, multigrain breads, milk and milk products, especially skim or low-fat milk, and most vegetables including sweet potatoes and corn.

Fresh fruits such as apples, nectarines and pears are the best sweet treats for people with diabetes because their lower GI and high-fiber content slows digestion, thus inhibiting blood sugar rises.

Fruit is nature’s candy.  It tastes sweet, satisfies your sweet tooth, and is full of important nutrients and antioxidants. Most fruit is low-glycemic.

Usually you should choose the more common fruits for snacks, such as apples, bananas, pears, but you can also shop for more exotic fare such as pomegranates and papayas. When eating fruit, savor the natural sweetness, texture, and juiciness, but don’t gorge. One serving can be handled by most people whereas two servings can send blood sugars soaring.

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Posted by on September 9th, 2008