How to Deal with Hunger:

The Top 10 of What NOT to Eat!
Maintain your brilliant mind and vibrant body by nourishing yourself more frequently. The solution to hunger pangs is to eat small frequent meals. Eating every three hours best suits most people, and prevents hunger. That’s why at we have included mid-morning, mid-afternoon and evening snacks in our daily menus.

Frequently consumed small meals of the healthy ingredients we recommend in our recipes, are the best ways to fuel your mind and body.

Unstable blood sugar levels can cause many outwardly noticeable symptoms ranging from over excitement to depression. Long-term consequences can include diabetes, retinopathy, kidney, and cardiovascular problems.  Monitoring your nutrient intake can help you avoid many potentially negative side effects.

Carbohydrates are among the most satiating of all nutrients. Consequently you don’t need hundreds and hundreds of grams to fill you up. Eat small amounts. The exact number of calories and the amount of carbohydrate you need during the day varies depends on many factors, including your body size, your activity level, age, and gender.

Consider your body like a machine, perhaps an automobile.  Would you put water in the gas tank? Of course not!

The low-glycemic approach is designed as a basic healthy eating plan, part of a healthy lifestyle for those who want to treat their body with love and the correct nutrition. Some may find that they shed excess pounds. Some might even clear up their acne.  Everyone will feel better, more energetic and clear headed.

Now, let’s take a look at the Top 10 High-Carbohydrate Foods – the foods to avoid. Knowing what NOT to eat is important for people who are carrying excess weight and/or those who want to maintain stable blood sugar levels.

These foods are among the Top 10 sources of carbohydrate in the average American diet. No wonder two-thirds of all Americans are obese!


  1. Table sugar (all concentrated forms including honey and molasses)
  2. White Bread and any other bread that is not high in fiber.
  3. Most cold breakfast cereals (the exception is All Bran)
  4. White rice
  5. Pizza
  6. Fruit punch
  7. Corn syrup flavored colas, sodas and other soft drinks
  8. Potatoes (especially French fries)
  9. Pastries
  10. Candy
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